Speed Queen have designed, built and supplied equipment to literally millions of laundromats and vended laundries over the past 100 years, and now offer fully integrated EFTPOS payment systems to give choice and flexibility for accommodation providers.

For hotel and motel businesses, EFTPOS payments provide two opportunities. Coins have been a security issue in the past, and EFTPOS eliminates that problem, plus most people carry EFTPOS when travelling so the uptake usage is higher as cards make it easier for guests to do their laundry.

“In the tourism industry, it would be a huge convenience for both guests and owners,” Speed Queen sales director Duncan Gardiner said.

“Customers simply walk up to a central payment terminal, and follow the prompts on the screen, and owners no longer need to worry about handling cash.”

The washers can also be set up to automatically dispense detergent which is an added convenience for guests and keeps laundry rooms much cleaner.

Gardiner said Speed Queen guarantees durability, reliability, and longevity and offers the longest commercial warranties in the industry.

“We’re the oldest manufacturer in the world, but we’re always working on ways to innovate and lead the market.”