Kamal Sharma is an experienced professional with proven expertise in selling businesses within the hospitality industry and supermarkets. At Resort Brokers, Sharma specialises in the Backpacker Division nationwide, focusing on this industry segment across New Zealand. With a rich background in starting and operating hotel and restaurant businesses over 17 years in both local and international markets, Sharma has a strong hold of commercial and operational insights which translate into effective sales strategies for clients. Through his experience, Sharma quickly identifies both the unique selling points as well as challenges when selling a business and works with clients to achieve win-win solutions. Having experienced multi-cultural and diverse cultures in various countries, Sharma has deep knowledge of how different cultures interact and work. Invariably, this leads to identifying solutions that best fit the requirements of his clients, both when selling and buying properties. He enjoys working with people and helping them to find solutions in their pursuit of buying or selling a business.

For more information contact Kamal Sharma at or phone +64 220 515 728.