A new study has explored a series of quirky behavioural trends emerging Asia Pacific consumers that present new opportunities for hotels in 2017. These three trends are ‘Betterment’, a growing consumer desire for self-improvement, ‘Local Love’, taking pride in locality and embracing local products and services, and ‘Infolust’, the appetite for timely, relevant and actionable information exchange to inform better purchase decisions and solicit more personalised services.

“Competition amongst hotels is high in many Asia Pacific markets despite a positive outlook into 2017 and beyond. Rapid disruption in the range of accommodation options available and an evolution in consumer preferences is putting hotels under pressure to keep innovating,” said Sarah Kennedy Ellis, vice president of marketing and strategic development for Sabre Hospitality Solutions. “One key way to maintain an edge in a fiercely competitive industry is to identify emerging consumer behaviours that present new opportunities to differentiate the travel ‘experience’.”