Chocolate has the ability to stimulate all our senses, which then triggers emotion. The mere ‘thought’ of chocolate will bring up positive, powerful emotions and memories. Chocolate graphics is a New Zealand chocolate business that loves helping companies create memorable brand experiences with the world’s most customisable chocolates. Handcrafted and specially tailored to the client’s choice of taste and design, printing messages and images – including logos and photos – in the finest Belgian chocolate, using precise, patented laser technology to achieve exquisite detail.

Create a memorable, multi-sensory, luxury experience for your guests. With periodic changes (size, shape, colour, flavour, packaging etc.), you can keep the ideas fresh and your guests engaged.  Create a unique range for different room types.

The ability to delight your guests with that extra special touch keeps them coming back for more – it’s the cherry on top, it’s that little bit more that makes their stay, and you, unforgettable.

Your guests will recognise and appreciate the care you have taken to create a special chocolate gift for them – a noteworthy example of the care you take in all areas of the business (many of which are not so visible).

Contact the chocolate creatives at Chocolate Graphics – they’re waiting to help you complete the experience! 09 636 6960 or