Buddies Tommy Holden and James Crow started out in the summer of 2010 with the idea of making a healthier summer treat for their young kids. This came in the form of the Nice Blocks we all know and love. The business steadily progressed into coconut ice cream, followed by coconut milk with their Little Island Coconut Creamery brand. Today, this multi-category company has become the non-dairy coconut benchmark in both supermarkets and specialty stores with its Little Island milks and ice cream. More recently, the brand has expanded into BP petrol stations with its Nice Blocks and single serve Little Island flavoured coconut milk range.

Little Island leads the growth in chilled non-dairy milk with its 1L range in an Original variant for everyday use and a Chocolate flavoured coconut milk. For hospitality, the recently launched Barista Grade coconut milk is available at a growing number of discerning cafes around the country and further showcases the flexibility of Little Island coconut milks. The 1L range is also supported by a single-serve impulse range of 380ml variants in Chocolate, Coffee, Strawberry and Banana.

The well-established Little Island coconut ice cream range continues be the market leader in the non-dairy ice cream category, with its 475ml take-home range available Chocolate, Vanilla Bean and Mango, alongside recently launched Coconut Caramel, Mint Choc Chip and Chocolate Raspberry flavours. The take-home range is also supported by an impulse selection, with new flavours launching later this year ready to introduce even more consumers to the non-dairy frozen dessert category.

The recently launched 1L Barista Grade coconut milk has gained solid traction as a clean and light alternative to soy and almond in consumers’ morning flat white, both in café and when made at home using the equally stretchable 1L Original variant.

2017 is an exciting year for Little Island with good inroads made locally with BP and internationally through supermarket chains in Singapore, Hong Kong and Malaysia along with a strong focus on entering the Australian market with our Little Island brand through supermarkets and independent IGAs.

Locally, Little Lsland products are available in all good supermarkets and specialty stores nationwide. More information is available on our websites and social.

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