Facebook has released a new “Measure What Matters Travel Marketing Playbook”, a new guide to travel marketing for the Asia Pacific.

Asia travellers travel internationally more than any other region, and nearly one out of two internet users in Asia travel abroad at least once a year. Digital travel sales reached $215.92 billion in the Asia Pacific in 2017, meaning digital marketing in that region.

Facebook’s playbook is a guide to digital marketing for travel businesses in the region. One particular point it highlights is using messaging services to communicate with customers. For example, it recommends that hotels not only use WhatsApp to send vital information to customers but also to create a more conversational relationship with customers.

“People in emerging markets are twice as likely as those in mature markets to message a business at least once a month. People increasingly expect businesses to be available via messaging apps. This is a dynamic that travel businesses in the Asia Pacific are poised to leverage, given these are mobile-first markets," said Nikhilesh Ponde, global travel strategy and planning lead, Facebook.