Controversy over proposed Adelaide Oval hotel

Adelaide Oval hotel

The proposal for a new $42 million hotel development on the eastern wing of the Adelaide Oval has stirred some controversy.

The Stadium Management Authority’s 128-room hotel project would be integrated into Adelaide Oval on the façade of its eastern stand.

“It’s a great opportunity to put a new tourism product into the market that people will be able to come stay at the Adelaide Oval hotel and have breakfast overlooking the beautiful Adelaide Oval,” said Andrew Daniels, chief executive of the Stadium Management Authority.

Critics are hesitant because the project is set to be funded by a loan underwritten by the South Australian government.

The council believes it would be unfair to give the developer free government land while also loaning them the money. The building would become the third commercial hotel project in the Adelaide Park Lands, with the InterContinental Hotel open and operating and Adelaide Casino hotel mid-construction.

On top of that, the building would be built on the limited green space on the stadium’s east side.

“We want to preserve the Parklands for all people in South Australia – it’s not just for North Adelaide, it’s not just for the city, this is for all South Australians, and the more built form that goes onto the Parklands, the less opportunity there will be going forward,” said Sandy Verschoor, Lord Mayor, Adelaide.

The public had already criticised the stadium for its expensive food and beverages, so locals are questioning the project’s need for a government loan.

“Surely any organisation charging $9.50 for a beer can raise enough money of their own without relying on taxpayers’ funds,” said Stephen Mulligan, shadow treasurer, South Australia Government.