Heritage Hotels revamps its website

Heritage's new website design.

Heritage Hotels has launched a revamped website to streamline the booking process for guests at its Heritage properties and franchises.

The website improvements include new hotel rooms and conference venue showcases, where guests can get a real preview of the rooms they are booking. The site also gives more information and content about the destinations such as local attractions, and sights near the properties.

The website is a collaboration between Heritage Hotel Management, global hotel digital marketing agency HEBS Digital, and Auckland-based communications agency Central Station.

“We’re delighted to launch our new website after such a successful collaboration,” said Graham Yan, chief executive of Heritage & CityLife Hotels and Heritage Collection Group.

“The HEBS Digital’s content management system is user-friendly for our marketing team, and the team were very efficient in creating the new website, which encompasses our 18 properties and the overarching brand.”

In the coming months, Heritage is also rolling out its new rewards programme and on-property guest portals.