Sudima Lake Rotorua achieves carboNZero certification

Sudima Lake Rotorua by the lake.

Sudima Hotels has earned carboNZero certification for Sudima Lake Rotorua, just the third New Zealand hotel to receive the status following Sudima Auckland Airport and Sudima Christchurch Airport.

The certification is recognised by over 60 countries and is awarded to organisations that measure all sources of their greenhouse gas emissions to international standards and audited by a third party. Sudima Christchurch Airport, for example, reduced its emissions by 30.66 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent.

For Sudima, the certification is part of the group’s larger mission to be a leader in sustainability in tourism and hospitality.

It’s more than just trying to be ahead of the competition for Sudima, who understand that international visitors come into the country thinking of New Zealand as a clean, green holiday destination.

“Consumers are increasingly choosing products and services that demonstrate a responsible approach to the environment. It is critical, from both a sustainability and competitive standpoint, that hospitality providers show leadership in registering and reducing emissions,” said Sudesh Jhunjhnuwala, founder and CEO of Sudima Hotels.

“Many of our guests come from overseas to see New Zealand’s famously natural environment, and they expect to see hotels doing their part to protect it. As the first, and currently only, hotel group with carboNZero-certified properties, we want to challenge others in our sector to follow our lead.”

All new Sudima Hotels aim to achieve carboNZero as soon as possible following construction, with Auckland City, Christchurch City and Kaikoura properties all well on the way.