Making the Eco Choice

There are plenty of opportunities in room service operations for hotels to cut down on waste and be more sustainable.

From plastic trays, cups, and straws, to the water and power used to wash dishes, room service can have quite the environmental impact. However, there are ways to offer luxurious room service, while also being eco-conscious.

“Hotels are fairly intensive users of power, water and other consumables that are not necessarily as good for the environment as they could be, so there are several good reasons for hotels to think about sustainability in all areas of operations,” said Catherine Bell, owner, Epicure Trading Ltd.

One simple and easy to implement way is to use eco-friendly dishes and cutlery in room service.  Single-use plastics are a hot topic in the industry, with AccorHotels, Heritage Hotels, Marriott, IHG, Hyatt, Sudima and more all ditching plastic straws. But sustainable options don’t end with straws, because skewers, cutlery, and plates are also opportunities where you can cut down on waste.

“Using single-use items for in-room service of food and beverage saves on labour as there’s no washing up which in turn saves on power, water and reduces the use of detergents, they are lighter to carry, and there is no breakage or theft. They also take up less storage room than conventional crockery.”

Epicure Trading offers several ranges of earth-to-earth products that can be home composted because they have no plastic or bio-plastic components which require commercial facilities to compost. Across its ranges, it offers a variety of stylish plates, bowls, cups, cutlery, straws, skewers and picks, boxes and trays. If any of these do find their way into the waterways or oceans, they will disintegrate fully and cause no harm.

Its range presents unique shapes in plates and bowls in two Bagasse (sugarcane waste) ranges– some even look like fine white porcelain. They hold hot or cold food and do not absorb oils or liquids for at least 6 hours, making them perfect for room service operations.

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