Local art installations begin at NZICC

The artwork begins installation.

The New Zealand International Convention Centre has taken another step forward in its development.

Artwork by New Zealand artist Sara Hughes commissioned by SKYCITY is currently being installed, with artwork from Peata Larkin to follow soon after.

The process begins with 98 glass fins being installed on the western and eastern exteriors and will be followed by the glass artwork feature on the southern side where over 500 panels of varying size will cover the top level.

“The artwork reflects the experience of walking through the New Zealand bush and looking up through a canopy of trees to see the unique light and colour of the forest,” said Sara Hughes.

“It’s really exciting and moving for me personally to see this work lifted into place and on public display for the first time.

Warren Mahoney, who designed the NZICC alongside Moller Architects and Woods Bagot said the highly collaborative process helped the NZICC’s design have an enduring civic presence and identity.

“In many ways, we’ve been speaking on behalf of the building over the last few years. That’s why it’s so exciting to see the building increasingly start to speak for itself, and installation of the first of the Sara Hughes-designed fins will see a powerful and distinctive part of the project’s identity assert itself on the skyline. We’re looking forward to the first fins quickly weaving the larger veil of colour over these elevated and visible sections of the NZICC’s façade,” said Richard Archbold, project architect, Warren and Mahoney Architects.

The 500-plus panels of different sizes, shapes and colours will be installed over the next six months, lifted by mini crane or tower crane at an average of six to eight panels per day.

“Some of these glass panels are up to 9m high and weigh as much as 1.3 tonnes, and they have very specific placements, so the team on site have a delicate and challenging job ahead of them,” said Callum Mallet, general manager, NZICC.

Once Hughes’ installation is completed, work will then begin on installing Peata Larkin’s 105 metre-long terracotta wall which will span from Hobson Street to Nelson Street, through the future laneway of NZICC and wrap back into the building.