Invercargill Licensing Trust announces name for hotel

Artist's impression of the Langlands Hotel.

Invercargill Licensing Trust has announced the name for its new $40 million hotel project.

The name chosen was The Langlands.

“It’s fantastic such a significant building for Invercargill’s future has a nod to our past heritage,” said Alan Dennis, chairman, ILT.

Scottish architect and Justice of the Peace William Langlands bought and developed the lane in the mid-1800s, constructing several buildings. Ever since then the site has been referred to as the 'Langlands block".

ILT had launched a competition in February to decide the hotel’s name, reaching out on the Trust’s website and Facebook page.

“We’ve always said this will be an asset for both locals and visitors alike so absolutely it felt right to seek input from the community itself. And people certainly delivered."

Of all the entrees, over ten per cent chose ‘Langlands’ or a variation of the name so a winner had to be randomly drawn. The chosen winner was Invercargill local Denise Grant.

“I came across old plans and saw it has always been known as ‘the Langlands block’, so I felt it was a fitting name which paid tribute to the history of the area,” said Grant.

“It will be great to watch it all progress and exciting to see the name go up as well.”

Preparations are now underway to begin construction on the project which will feature 80 guest rooms with a further 40 to be added on when demand warrants it.