Wairarapa—The New Tourist Destination

Wairarapa is often easy to overlook when planning a trip to New Zealand, or around New Zealand. However, Wairarapa’s natural beauty and boutique offerings make the area an increasingly popular destination for visitors. MBIE’s latest Monthly Regional Tourism Estimates for December 2018 show that domestic tourism spending in the Wairarapa increased 11.1 percent and the international visitor spending increased by 2.4 percent. Of the foreign visitors, Australia trumped the rest, being the Wellington region’s most significant contributors, increasing spending by 4.8 percent.

Wairarapa presents ample opportunity for travellers. Furthermore, Wairarapa offers the perfect mixture of activities and sights for specific age groups, according to WREDA and Destination Wairarapa. Additionally, in a recent online tourism video campaign, WREDA and Destination Wairarapa are targeting Australians. The campaign found that Australian travellers in the 55-74-year-old age group are more likely to explore regional Wellington as part of their Wellington vacation. David Perks, WREDA general manager, said, “Many visitors to New Zealand are looking for that mix of a vibrant, fun city experience and more relaxed vibe and beautiful landscapes. It doesn’t get much better than the Wellington and Wairarapa combo.”

According to Statistics New Zealand, Wairarapa is seeing an influx of guests when compared to the rest of the country. “Wellington offers a creative, compact city experience and Wairarapa a jaw-dropping coastline, charming towns and villages, and a world-class wine scene. It’s the perfect short break package,” continued Perks. Local businesses are seeing the results of these increases, noting that activity has been steadily increasing and expansions to accommodate for the extra business has begun. On top of developments, new start-ups have been able to open shop and spread their wings for their new customers.