The latest and greatest in casting

It’s no secret that guests are increasingly bringing their own devices and content with them when travelling. They expect hotels to have smart and up-to-date technology that they can connect their own devices to, the same way they would at home. That’s why casting is now the norm.

Even though it’s the expected standard, hotels need a different solution to consumers. It’s not as simple as buying a Chromecast dongle and installing it in every room’s television.

“Many of the Chromecast solutions we’ve seen on the market require a dongle attached to every television. The dongle is prone to damage and theft, so most properties will then install a cage or bracket to secure it, which adds to the cost of installation in terms of both time and money,” said Greg Bassine, CEO, Streamvision.

“We have developed an integrated casting solution that completely eliminates the risk of guest theft and damage since it doesn’t rely on a dongle in guest rooms.”

It also means installation and maintenance are more affordable and considerably quicker.

Streamvision’s solutions are scalable, meaning they are just as relevant for a small boutique hotel as a large property with over 500 rooms. Case in point - currently, Streamvision is deploying its IPTV solution in a Perth property with over 480 rooms.

“We’ve been in the guest entertainment solutions industry for almost a decade. We’ve been monitoring trends as well as our clients’ feedback to enable us to develop our own solutions.”

This puts Streamvision in a prime position, where they can handle product development in-house, meaning they don’t need to rely on external providers to upgrade their systems on their timeline.

“As soon as we saw the trend for casting as well as the problems with the typical casting solution, we began researching and developing a more robust and more affordable solution that addresses the unique needs in the hotel environment. We listen to our customers, the industry, and futurists to start development on our technology, providing our clients with the latest and greatest in technology.”

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