Kahuku produces natural plant-based products for health, wellness, and beauty. Made using delicate essential oils, Kahuku’s hard bar soaps, liquid soaps, and cleaning products are packaged in eco-friendly, biodegradable packaging.

The product of a 25-year dream, Kahuku’s innovative portfolio includes the brand’s Zero.Refill scheme. A one-time purchase of a stainless-steel bottle ensures customers never again have to splash out on plastic soap or washing up liquid containers; instead, they need simply return the bottle for free and pay for the cost of a refill.

As hotels around the world begin cracking down on plastic toiletries waste, Zero.Refill is a confident and important stepping stone towards a more sustainable future, and stainless-steel bottles are available in sizes from 450ml up to two litres.

Alongside liquid products, Kahuku manufactures a large range of hard soaps, offering a number of classic scents. Lavender Creme is a nourishing, healing mix of lavender and milk, whilst the attractive rose-shaped Floral Touch brings to mind a flower garden in full bloom. For those seeking something a little bit more experimental, Kahuku has brought many beverages to the bathroom, including café latte, matcha, shiraz, pale ale, and even tequila-scented soaps.

Kahuku’s range of cleaning products includes laundry powders, dish washing liquids, and multi-purpose cleaners. Made only with natural oils, essential oils, and non-toxic ingredients, Kahuku’s cleaning products are free from preservatives and petrochemical products, with no endocrine disruptors or neurotoxins present.

Hotels looking to impress their guests by going the extra mile with the little touches would do well to ensure bathrooms are well-stocked with high quality soaps. Whether it’s old classics or unusual new scents, a well-selected soap can help enrichen the guest experience and further tell a hotel’s story. With Kahuku, you’ll be safe in the knowledge that your products are helping contribute towards a more sustainable future.