STAAH-HomeAway Partnership Set to Benefit Holiday Rentals

The two-way connection will allow property managers to synchronise their property data and increase their online reach.

Leading cloud distribution platform, STAAH has announced its partnership with HomeAway, one of the largest global providers of bookable holiday rental inventory. The connection will enable mutual customers to capitalise on the demand for holiday rentals once global travel restrictions following the COVID-19 pandemic are eased.

For busy property managers, this means a seamless information connection as updates made to rates, availability or listing details on STAAH are automatically reflected on HomeAway. Bookings made via the holiday rentals platform will automatically sync to your STAAH channel manager. STAAH partners on both Instant and Max cloud distribution platforms will benefit from this real-time connection.

“The pursuit of authentic and personal experiences put holiday rentals top-of-mind for modern travellers,” explained Tarun Joukani, Commercial Director from STAAH. “For managers of such rentals, this has meant finding an efficient booking and distribution platform to reach these travellers. We’re proud to partner with HomeAway that does a fantastic job of filling this need.’’

The STAAH-HomeAway connection, which went live at the end of April 2020 has already seen a quick pick-up among property managers keen to back into the game post COVID-19 by expanding their reach via multiple online booking platforms. The connection saves property managers hours in managing updates manually across platforms while avoiding possible errors.

“With daily rates and availability management taken care of, property managers can focus on growing their business,” said Joukani. “And here, STAAH’s detailed insights come in handy, allowing property managers to make informed decisions around revenue.”