Putting Your Brand At The Forefront of Staff/Customer Well-being

smartfabric masks are ergonomically designed to maximise the comfort, ease of breathability, clearness of speech without minimising the level of protection. Made from their unique smartfabric woven polyester outer material, they can customise colours and designs while maintaining durability, protection and performance, ensuring unsurpassed

return-on- investment.

In most industries, one of the biggest issues is the handling of the masks when not being worn and still providing the safety standards. This is where the unique smartmask lanyard and adjustable slider makes it ideal for all-day use, allowing the wearer to take on and off as the circumstances require.

Couple this with the choice of re-useable SILVERGUARD filters and or one of their SILVERGUARD sanitising storage pouches which destroys 100 percent of viruses and bacteria including coronaviruses, they are the right choice for a business wanting confidence and protection when needed.

"Our experience and global partnerships allowed us to put together very best ideas, materials and innovation in design that determined our range of five different models (live, work, biz, study and staysmart options). Along with our filters, sanitising pouches and unique fit features make the range the ideal choice for the hotel industry," said smartfabric owner, Simon Wall.

The custom options allow each customer to order masks and accessories to meet their often broad and staffing or customer needs as required.

The brand provides high quality, high-value products and offer an ex-stock service for ongoing orders. Whether custom or stock order, they offer customers significant discounts for volume orders.

Check them out at www.smartfabric.nz or contact them directly at support@smarkfabric.nz.

smartfabric masks are NOT medical devices and are not guaranteed to prevent virus transmission. Masks should be worn in conjunction with applicable safe distancing and regular hand washing measures. When using a mask avoid touching your face with your hands.

* Branded mask image is a ‘mock-up only’ and the logo’s shown are the property of the registered owner.