Escape to Beijing for the Night with HuamiX


With travel to Asia off the table for now, SkyCity Auckland is excited to bring Beijing to you - with HuamiX – an immersive cultural experience partnered with Chinese cuisine.

Concept creator, Huami Restaurant Manager Daisy Ding said that she is proud to bring something so special from her home country to Aotearoa.

"HuamiX is where performance art meets food, and at our first event diners will be entertained by a Beijing performer with over 40 years’ experience in the spectacular art of Beijing Opera."

HuamiX - Beijing Opera

Beijing Opera is a performance art incorporating singing, reciting, acting and martial arts. Its librettos are composed according to a strict set of rules that prize form and rhyme, telling stories of Chinese history, politics, society, and daily life.

The costumes are flamboyant and exaggerated makeup is used to portray the character’s personalities and social identities.

Huami Executive Chef Raymond Xue will take customers on a culinary journey through a bespoke four-course tasting menu.

HuamiX will offer a sharing menu combining a mix of Huami classics such as beef five spice and whole blue cod with vinegar sauce. More adventurous diners can try traditional Beijing dishes rarely found outside of mainland China such as jelly fish duck feet and braised sea cucumber with abalone sauce.

“The hero on the menu will be Huami’s signature Peking duck, cooked over plum wood in Huami’s unique wood-fired oven,” said Xue.

HuamiX takes place in conjunction with Heart of the City’s Elemental Festival on July 26th and 27th, with more events to come later in the year.