Webinar: The Changed Traveller and How to Get them to Book Now

With the world we currently live in very different to 18 months ago when COVID was declared a pandemic, the way people dream about, search and book travel is very different. Do you know the new ways that the changed traveller is booking travel? Do know you where to find people that want to book directly with you right now?

Register now for this webinar and learn how to get the changed traveller to book directly with you...now.

In this interactive webinar, learn first-hand from two of travel and tourism industry’s leaders in 'direct booking strategy' Adrian Caruso and Garrick Loft of Fastrack Digital, why you need to act now and rethink your digital strategies for the changed traveller.

Register now and learn:

  • The one 'big' thing has changed when people book travel
  • Preparing for the new normal and recurring lockdowns
  • How to be 'open', when you're 'closed'
  • Where to find people that are booking right now
  • Understanding why people aren't booking with you and their pain points
  • Real-life examples of the industry's leading direct booking strategies
  • Q&A session
Webinar spaces are limited to 100 people.