The Event Solution of the Future is Here!

Like many good Kiwi ingenuity stories, TableHub was conceived over a few beers at the pub! Within six months they had a working model in the market and it’s been a process of refinement ever since.

Designed to enhance and elevate the guest experience, TableHub provides solutions for event managers and producers as well as guest attendees.

Having worked in the events and production industries for several years, TableHub’s inventors kept coming up against the same challenges.

“We wanted to figure out how to give sponsors better exposure and value for their sponsorship investment,” said Xanthe Smythe Sales & Marketing Manager.

“We also asked the questions; how do event managers and producers minimise waste at events to hit sustainability KPIs and how do you keep guests engaged and interested?”

The result was TableHub, a digital table centrepiece bringing dynamic content (pre-recorded videos, images, motion graphics) to every seat at the table, bar leaners, catering stations - or really any flat surface - at your next event. Each unit is individually controllable and viewable from any angle around the table.

Perfect for use at corporate events, conferences, awards nights, gala dinners, product launches and more, TableHub’s applications include anything that engages attendees directly.

“Finding their table, knowing the event programme, what’s on the menu, bios on award nominees and recognition for award winners, brand messages and offers from sponsors with QR codes to encourage conversion,” explained Smythe.

“It's great for solving line of sight issues at unique venues and giving people with vision impairment an alternative source of the same key event information. Some events use TableHub as their sole visual channel and do away with big screens, putting all their public service crowd control type messages through it, others use TableHub for lighting and video as part of the overall entertainment experience.”

Content can range from simple photo loops at celebration events to videos triggered at a specific time to coincide with the event program.

The added bonus is that TableHub helps companies and organisations with zero waste policies demonstrate their commitment to the sustainability cause by not covering the table with single-use printed materials.

“We are already selling our tech into venues as a permanent solution, to address this key mandate.”

TableHub is typically deployed at conferences, awards events, gala dinners, fundraising events, cocktail events, social events - any type of event where you want to eliminate the need for printed material and display your message directly in front of people.

More than just a centrepiece, TableHub provides layers of value for clients.

TableHub provides solutions to problems for event organisers and venues. For example, if sustainability is a key focus of an event, TableHub can be used to display digitally all content that would normally be printed.

“Senior leaders from one client organisation were pleased to see their zero-waste policy in action using TableHub at their recognition dinner.  Another client mentioned how having TableHub displaying menus at a corporate social event meant that the room was tidier and less cluttered from not having menus scattered all over the place,” noted Smythe.

If an event is required to recognise sponsors, TableHub provides value to sponsors by converting their message directly to guest attendees, at the table. Sponsor recognition can be as simple as extended brand exposure with looping logos, or sponsors can include full branded videos that tell their story and include calls to action for attendees.

More and more events are looking for the ‘what’s new?’ and want to incorporate reliable and effective technology solutions: TableHub delivers for all stakeholders on this front.

“Events are all about engagement or learning and development of attendees.  Event organisers want to convey their event message clearly and concisely and ensure that every guest feels their time at the event was time well spent.”

TableHub is a point of difference and can elevate the guest experience by:

  • Eliminating line of sight issues and presenting information directly to the guest
  • Encouraging guest engagement with sponsors and presenters with the use of QR codes to direct attention
  • Providing information that is easy to read and access at the table
  • Help to facilitate conversations in a workshop or quiz-like setting.

“I think every organisation has to continuously move with the times and in these very quickly evolving conditions, technology is something that has to be leveraged,” Smythe continued.

“TableHub is a platform that helps people feel part of an event where they have to spread out.”

TableHub has a celebration package that is ideal for smaller private functions, special menus, or themed nights, the company also has the capability to deliver bespoke solutions for individual venues.

Luckily, for those who are less tech-savvy, TableHub is super easy to use! In terms of operation, the TableHub team takes care of all of that. The one thing the client must consider is content creation.  This can be done in PowerPoint or by a graphic designer. The TableHub team has a full content specs guide with tips and pointers to help our customers along the content journey.

TableHub is a new tech, and their outgoing and experienced team are committed to helping clients and decision-makers understand its capability, its key role in an event and leading the process from enquiry to deployment and a successful event.

TableHub is a premium event solution. Clients are advised to plan and book early to ensure availability.

“We encourage all our customers to make the most of their hire and use TableHub to full effect to drive engagement of attendees and leverage its position at the centre of the table to create a greater ROI for their event purpose,” concluded Smythe.

As for TableHub’s plans for the future?

“Take over the world! Starting with Australia, we have a number of people interested across the Tasman in using TableHub, we just need to get there!”