Airbnb Co-founders Match $10 Million in Donations to Support Ukrainian Refugees

Two weeks ago, Airbnb announced that the company would be providing free, short-term housing to up to 100,000 Ukrainian refugees funded by Airbnb, donors to the Airbnb Refugee Fund, and generous hosts on its community-based online platform.

Airbnb’s co-founders, Brian Chesky, Joe Gebbia, Nathan Blecharczyk, and his wife Elizabeth were inspired by the Airbnb community’s eagerness to get involved in the effort to help provide refugees fleeing Ukraine with housing. Therefore, they are personally donating up to $10 million to match the Airbnb Refugee Fund's donations throughout March to further support humanitarian efforts.

Since 28 February, over 21,500 people worldwide have signed up to share their homes with refugees, with 14,000 across Europe, where the need for housing is currently the greatest. More than a quarter of these people were initially not Airbnb hosts and joined purely for the cause.

Airbnb has received over $5.2 million direct donations from around 59,000 donors across 92 countries in the past couple of weeks. Airbnb and its founders have also contributed $17 million to date. Their employees have donated over $625,000 to support the company’s efforts and other non-profits working on the ground in Ukraine. Furthermore, Airbnb has partnered up with The Utah Jazz Foundation to offer over 32,200 nights of temporary housing to Ukrainian refugees fleeing the brutal war.

To help connect refugees fleeing Ukraine to housing, Airbnb is now collaborating with other entities across Europe, such as the International Organization for Migration and the German government.