ECA by Dekko Debuts Revolutionary Portable Power Outlet

Power supply leader ECA by Dekko has announced the launch of its novel and groundbreaking portable power outlet for the contract furniture industry, Electrolite, integrating configurable power with 360-degree intentional design.

“Users and specifiers can configure nearly every aspect of Electrolite to fit their specific needs. No matter what angle you view the product from, its consistent form can be felt,” said Rick Fox, General Manager at Dekko.

With its high level of customisation, Electrolite is suitable for any space.

Amazing Product Confiugrability

Power products are often rigid and unable to adapt to surroundings truly. Electrolite goes against the grain and opens a new world of possibilities with its revolutionary technology.

“People today expect the ability to change up their workspaces. We saw a distinct need to create a configurable power solution for dynamic environments, and the result is Electrolite,” said Fox.

Specifiers can select one to five tamper-resistant electrical sockets as well as a reversible USB-A charging port or a 60-watt USB-C charging port. The reversible charging ports offer users the ability to connect a Type-A cable regardless of the plug or cable’s orientation. In addition, Electrolite enables users to rotate the outlets within the product and the strain relief cord connector either straight or 90-degrees. The 90-degrees rotation option is perfect for work surfaces adjacent to a panel or wall, while the straight angle is ideal for flat surfaces. The rotating outlets essentially give users the power to accommodate any style of chargers and plugs.

Electrolite is available in black, white, bronze, latte and carbon. Customisation is also available.

The new power outlet offers various mounting options, including clamp mount, undermount and freestanding.

360-degree Intentional Design

Power products often do not consider the appearance of the back and mounting. However, ECA by Dekko has ensured users a design that can be shown off at all angles for any situation and application.

“Height-adjustable tables and freestanding desks are perfect examples of where you’ll see the back of a unit – and Electrolite doesn’t disappoint. It looks great from any angle,” said Fox.

Electrolite is crafted from a weighted metal structure in die-cast and extruded aluminium, giving it a superior and sleek aesthetic.

Advanced Charging Technology and Safety

Electrolite is incorporated with state-of-the-art GaN technology, increasing performance output even as power unit size decreases. This type of technology protects users’ devices from shorting out while sustaining battery life and maintaining safe levels of battery temperature.

A unique feature of ECA by Dekko’s latest innovation is its 60-watt WSB-C Power Delivery port capable of charging absolutely any device, including laptops; this is revolutionary within the industry as typically USB-C’s of lower wattages are incapable of doing so.