Increase in Demand for Health and Wellness Holidays Amongst Spanish Travellers

madrid, spain

GlobalData, a leading data and analytics company, has revealed in a recent study that positive sentiment towards health and wellness holidays has surged amongst Spanish travellers due to the pandemic’s impact on mental health. Health and wellness holidays ranged from spas and relaxation, to retreats centred on areas such as diet, meditation, and yoga.

“As in many other nations across Europe, the pandemic has had a significant impact on the mental health of Spain’s residents. Throughout the lockdowns of 2020 and 2021, many were yearning to travel, socialize and experience the things they enjoy once again. As a result, the increased time spent at home, away from friends, family and work colleagues has forced many Spanish residents to assess their mental wellbeing,” commented Craig Bradley, Travel & Tourism Analyst at GlobalData.

For the study, GlobalData compared Spanish sentiment from Q3 2021 to an identical questionnaire completed in Q3 2019 before the covid outbreak. Findings showed that demand for health and wellness holidays grew by 5 percent, with 13 percent of Spanish respondents stating they now typically take this kind of vacation. This inflation is significant for the health and wellness sectors and portrays a shift in Spanish consumer tastes over the last couple of years.

This increase in demand can be associated with the Spanish public’s rising concern about mental health spurred by the pandemic. In the study, 29 percent of respondents revealed they were highly concerned about their mental health, while 30 percent said they were ‘quite concerned’.

“With 2022 set to be a more optimistic year for the travel industry, there is an opportunity for firms to re-engage with the Spanish market, marketing holidays that boost physical and mental wellbeing.”