Top Player in the World of Hotel Amenities Celebrates 50 Years of Success

Groupe GM, a prominent player in the hotel amenities industry, is paying tribute to Bienvenue, its first hotel amenity brand, and simultaneously, the first cosmetic amenity line designed in France for hotels. 

The group was founded by a self-taught and adventurous man named Georges Marchand. Starting out selling cars and exclusive books, he later became a sales director in a company specialising in artwork replication for hotels. 

In 1970, Marchand had a lightbulb moment after numerous meetings with customers, particularly hotel managers and suppliers. He noticed that in Paris, guests were only ever offered 15g solid soaps in their hotels as welcome gifts as, at that time, that was the most common way to convey the establishment's image. So, Marchand took matters into his own hands and created the first line of miniature toiletries, encapsulating the elegance, style and art of universal hospitality. Nowadays, millions of Bienvenue products are sold annually. 

Currently directed by Marchand's sons, Lauren and François, Groupe GM has an extensive portfolio of over 40 brands and serves hospitality clients in more than 80 countries. 

The "Care About Earth" Corporate Responsibility Program

Ever since the Bienvenue line first launched, Groupe GM has continued to ensure that it is at the forefront of the hotel amenities industry. Throughout the journey of success, sustainability has remained a key focus for the company, with significant efforts being made to guarantee ethically and sustainably sourced ingredients and packing. 

To further support this cause, Groupe GM established the "Care About Earth" program in 2018, aiming to minimise the detrimental impacts of hospitality products on the environment. 

The program was founded on three main principles: 

  1. The reduction of plastics from fossil fuels in packaging
  2. The usage of responsibly sourced materials in product design and formulas 
  3. The development of large innovative formats, such as its patent-pending dispenser, Ecofill.

The Ecofill dispenser is a ground-breaking eco-friendly product that is refillable, traceable and a clean, safe and easy solution with a minimal carbon footprint. 

As part of the "Care About Earth" program, over 85 percent of Groupe GM's amenity lines, including Bienvenue, have been substituted with plant-based from sugar cane residues or recycled plastics.