Zleep Hotel Køge Opens in Denmark

Deutsche Hospitality has opened the doors to a new hotel under the Zleep Hotels brand on the coast of Copenhagen. 

Located only a few minutes walk from the heart of Køge, Zleep Hotel Køge is situated directly at the old marina. Constructed in 1989 in the style of an old warehouse, the hotel has undergone modernisation and remodelling, with room capacity doubling from 50 to 100 rooms. The refurbishment and expansion continue and are expected to be completed by 2024.

"Being an increasingly popular holiday destination, Køge is a very attractive location for Zleep Hotels in Denmark," said Peter Haaber, CEO of Zleep Hotels. "By remodelling the hotel, we are creating an attractive new property that at the same time highlights and preserves the historic building in the best possible way."

"Køge is an amazing destination that I know quite well, and Zleep Hotels is a great product that matches the city's needs. With its central location, Zleep Hotel Koge is the ideal starting point for travellers of all kinds," added Lene Haslund, Hotel Manager at Zleep Hotel Køge.

Just 43 kilometres from the capital Copenhagen and located on Køge Bay, adorned with historic half-timbered houses, Zleep Hotel Køge is the perfect picturesque and relaxing stay for travellers.