Girl takes photo of restaurant food on her phone.’s Tasty Travels report has found that two-thirds of Kiwi millennials believe a destination’s cuisine is the biggest deciding factor when picking a holiday spot.

Cuisine (67 percent) came on top of beautiful beaches (42 percent), special offers (15 percent), and shopping opportunities (20 percent).

Kiwi millennials are more concerned with eating local delicacies on holiday (64 percent) than visiting notable landmarks (58 percent) or exploring nature (27 percent).

Furthermore, young New Zealanders prefer to photograph their food (60 percent) than their friends’ faces (31 percent). On average, young Kiwis snap 122 photos of food per year; almost a quarter of all photos they take.

Eating experiences are valued so highly by millennials that 76 percent of travellers said food experiences stand out the most in their holiday memories, ranking above spending time with travel friends (22 percent) and exciting activities (11 percent).

“Young Kiwis love coming together over meals, and as the universal language of love and life, food is one of the most connective and rewarding currencies when travelling. Millennials also love immersing themselves in the local culture of a destination and sharing these new experiences on social, so it’s understandable that Kiwi millennials are defining their holiday by what they can eat, where they eat it, and how good the ‘Grams’ will be while they’re away” marketing manager for Australia and New Zealand, David Spasovic said.

Paris, Tokyo and Rome topped the list as the most popular destinations for New Zealand food lovers.