From a farming and horticultural background, Jeff Ryan knew that there were unique attributes to high-quality food, in particular for meat. With a willingness to learn, Jeff discovered some special technology that meant he was able to preserve meat product naturally without the need to use additives while maintaining great flavour profiles. Over five years, Jeff developed the Salami into a nutritious and healthy product full of protein and fresh ingredients. We chatted to Jeff about his range of salami and the plans he has to grow the business.

What is Lasco Salami’s current range?

“The range currently comprises of both fresh venison and fresh beef salamis with delicious flavours including; chopped Marlborough Garlic, a variety of pepper including Szechjan Pepper, Juniper berries, and Red Chai Tea. We also have a Smoke and Spanish Paprika variety, Cumin and the famous Kaitaia Fire Habanero chillies for those who like a nice hot bite in their salami. All of our salami is gluten, soy, dairy and sulphite free so it is suitable for most people with dietary requirements, health issues or allergies.”

What’s new with Lasco?

“We have a newly appointed general manager, Paula Vigus, who has a background in sales and management from floriculture to real estate. While the product was a little unfamiliar, her passion for great NZ initiatives and products and her will to see the company succeed and grow, she has come on board to help us achieve what we have set out to do and represent New Zealand on the world stage with a nutritious home-grown product.”

Plans for the business?

“We are currently looking to take the brand Lasco overseas and showcase to the world another fantastic example of what great food we can produce here in NZ. As far as we are aware there isn’t more healthy salami to be found and with the launch of a new product coming up after trials have been completed, we just might have the world first. I can’t say too much right now but just imagine what the mouth-watering creaminess of finding pieces of delicious avocado in your salami would be like? We have taste tested it on some people, and the feedback has been…..well, excellent! So we think we are on the right track – watch this space.”

Where can you buy your product?

“Right now you can purchase our products from good supermarkets including New Worlds, Pak’nSave’s, Four Squares, Fresh Choice and Super Values. You will also find us in the Aussie Butcher and Fruitworld stores. Our goal is to end up in every supermarket in the country. Price vs. quality has been a bit of an uphill battle, but we just refuse to reduce the quality, as we know how conscious people are becoming about their health and the food they consume. So don’t expect any decline in the quality – that’s just not an option for us.”LASCo 100g Sliced Beef range