Bohemian Skin is one of the few natural skincare products to really care. It’s 100 percent natural, with no nasty hidden ingredients and are suitable for women to use throughout their life even during pregnancy and still actually work. Morgan Littler fell pregnant in early 2015 and found it was near impossible to find natural skincare products that you could use whilst pregnant. For someone who also struggled through her teenage years with acne, she searched high and low for a miracle product that was safe as well as effective.

Littler began to search through her pantry and fridge for ingredients to create her own natural remedies for very basic natural skincare. It was then her husband, and now co-founder, suggested that she create her own line of tailored skincare products for women to use no matter what stage of their life they are at.

The current Bohemian Skin range includes a Gel Cleanser, Purifying Toner, Facial Moisturiser and Spot Assist. There is also a Facial Mask to be added to the collection by the end of this year.

It is the perfect organic and natural product to offer your guests.

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