Tourists take photos of New Zealand mountains.

Research from has shown the rate of Chinese travellers coming to New Zealand has increased. New Zealand also ranked as the third-equal most exciting destination for Chinese travellers to visit in the next 12 months.

Chinese tourists are New Zealand’s second-largest tourism market and have increased their travel into the country by three per cent in the last year.

The amount Chinese tourists are spending on international travel has also increased, up 40 percent.’s marketing manager for Australia and New Zealand, David Spasovic, said that the desire to travel to New Zealand is led by a new young generation of Chinese travellers who seek edgy and exciting travel experiences in more distant locations in New Zealand.

“Chinese millennials born after 1990 are particularly eager to cross the world, increasing their travel expenditure in the past year by a staggering 80 percent and committing a third (36 percent) of their income to travel – more than any other age group.”

Wellington (56 percent) is the top city Chinese travellers visited in the past 12 months, with Auckland (47 percent) following close behind.