Topper of choice

While you might think it’s easy for a new property to offer a great sleep experience, it is just as easy to get it wrong – keeping within a budget should not be at the cost of the quality of beds and linen on offer, beds especially last for a relatively long time and a wrong decision will be regretted for years to come.

For existing properties, it is relatively easy to ‘tart’ up beds on a tight budget to make your guests’ stay memorable in a positive way. The easiest thing to do is add a ‘pillowtop’ overlay or ‘mattress topper’. This is separate to the mattress and will allow you to remove it to clean, air or ‘fluff’ it up. The beauty is that you will still have the advantage of a commercial bed that will last the distance while providing a comfortable sleep layer.

There are two types of pillowtop, overlay or mattress topper. At the top end is an overlay with goose feather and down fill, giving a luxurious layer to sink into for a truly relaxing night’s sleep. The topper of choice for lodges, B&Bs and five-star hotels, guests will rave about the wonderful night’s sleep they have had.

The alternative is a topper filled with balled polyester that creates a ‘bounce back’ supportive layer, adding softness and comfort to a firm mattress. Easy to maintain, safe for those with allergies, this type of overlay is well-priced for the middle market accommodation sector.

Add a lightweight but warm boxed end quilt for your guest to sleep under, or a feather and down duvet topped off with a white or self-striped top sheet, a coloured throw and matching cushion, and you will be able to give your guests the ultimate sleep experience.

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