Beautifully Simple Design

Product Showcase banner for Blunt Umbrellas

If you don’t know Blunt by now, they’re the company that has reimagined the humble umbrella. Designed to be both functional and beautiful, the Blunt ™ Umbrella is a pleasure to use, even in the most challenging weather conditions, leaving you with a smug feeling that you’ve discovered a little secret that not everybody knows about. Once you’ve used one, you’ll spot other Blunt ™ users in street and they’ll probably spot you too, sometimes even giving you a knowing nod, like some kind of secret cool kids club. And what’s better, they are made to last and are backed by a no-nonsense warranty resulting in fewer umbrellas ending up in rubbish bins at the first sniff of rain.

Like they say, having a Blunt ™ Umbrella makes you look forward to rain. Walking in the rain under an umbrella has always been a favourite moment but now it will be even more fun.