Kiwi entrepreneur wants to make corporate travel easy

Hiten Parbhu
Hiten Parbhu, founder of Rogue Travel.

An Auckland entrepreneur has launched an online app which aims to simplify corporate travel bookings.

Hiten Parbhu founded Rogue Travel to help small business owners, personal assistants and admin staff to help make booking multiple flights and hotels for staff easier.

“The big travel amalgamators like Skyscanner make finding flights easy, but that’s about it,” said Hiten Parbhu, founder, Rogue Travel.

“They give you lots of options but then leave you on your own when it comes to the really tedious thing: entering passenger details. Plus, they send you all over the web to various providers instead of keeping all your booking in one central place.”

After months of beta testing, Rogue Travel plans to fix that. The web-based app keeps an organisation’s passenger details (eg. names, date of birth, passport numbers, frequent flyer memberships) so users don’t have to scour old emails for that information.

Parbhu has big aspirations for the app.

“We’ve built a tool which effectively removes the need for a corporate travel agent, but more importantly: we've created a tool that is going to disrupt a market dominated by only a handful of huge players,” said Parbhu.

“We’re going in to disrupt this industry by breaking down the archaic structure it’s currently in, giving consumers the most user-friendly option for commercial travel, and bringing in a mix of modern technology and a real local touch.”