Swiss-Belhotel International to help Kiwis

Swiss-Belhotel has announced a partnership with Experience Purangi, a Taranaki based organisation that protects our native kiwi. Thanks to the support of an international hotel company, our kiwis have been given a new lease of life.

The hotel group will be specifically sponsoring “Tihei”, the infamous kiwi that gained international fame when the Duke and Duchess of Sussex visited Rotorua. Tihei had just hatched when the couple were visiting. She was one of the two birds they held. Tihei has been instrumental in raising the profile of the kiwi and the aid involved with prolonging its future.

Tihei has recently been released into the wild in Taranaki and is being closely monitored and protected.

Purangi houses more than 4000 kiwis. This number is expected to increase due to the diligent work of the organisation. Experience Purangi is actively involved in predator control, and where the national population of kiwis sees a two percent decrease each year, Purangi’s population increases by nine percent each year.

Swiss-Belhotel’s support will go towards the transmitter and the monitoring costs involved with Tihei’s release. Gavin Faull, Swiss-Belhotel Hotel Chairman and President, said, “Being able to support such a special cause and one that is committed to protecting our national bird is something myself and the Swiss-Belhotel team are extremely proud of. We feel an immense sense of protection over Tihei, especially after her international notoriety. We wanted to help Experience Purangi provide her with the best care possible to help the kiwi population grow.”

Swiss-Belhotel is making a conscious effort to focus on the environment, and supporting a local initiative that protects something so uniquely kiwi was a cause they were keen to get behind.