On the Floor at Four Points by Sheraton Auckland

Sheree Garden, managing director and owner of Niche Flooring.
Sheree Garden, managing director and owner of Niche Flooring.

Niche Flooring got involved in the Four Points by Sheraton Auckland project after working with Russell Property Group on another project and happening to mention they had just completed the Sheraton Aggie Greys in Samoa. At that point, RPG wasn’t sure which hotel would be taking the lease but asked Niche Flooring if they’d like to tender for the project.

“This is the second Sheraton that we’ve been involved with, and by far the biggest. We were in at the outset when the building was still an office block and have been working on it for over two years,” said Sheree Garden, managing director and owner of Niche Flooring.

As there were a lot of people working on the Sheraton site at the time, Garden and the team decided to do most of the installation out of regular working hours.

“Due to the products being used we had to glue out the floor first which meant no one else could walk on it and we didn’t want to hinder anyone else’s work.”

Now that the hotel is all wrapped up and ready for its Grand Opening, Niche Flooring has moved onto other projects, currently working on an Auckland hotel that isn’t built yet.

While Niche Flooring started seven years ago, Garden has been in the industry for over 20 years.

“Back then I got the job as I could read plans – I was taught the intricacies of commercial flooring by a well-respected person in the industry. To the best of my knowledge I was the first female in the country doing commercial flooring full time.”

Over the past few years, the company has expanded working on projects in Samoa and Niue which both have been great experiences for Garden.

“Working offshore can create challenges, but so long as everything is organised and you’re ready for the unexpected it’s all achievable.”

Niche Flooring offers full turnkey packages from helping with the design process through to just installation if the managers/owners already have the products. Being involved from the outset is a huge advantage as it helps Niche Flooring know the building and any foreseeable issues that could cause a problem down the track.

Additionally, Niche Flooring consults what floor preparation may be required as this often plays a big part in the finished product. They can also work alongside management in the case of a refurbishment to ensure guests experience minimal disruptions.

To talk to Sheree call 021 757 222, email sheree@nicheflooring.co.nz or visit www.nicheflooring.co.nz