NZ accommodation prices continue to grow

Wanaka hotel.

Travellers visiting New Zealand paid 4 percent more for accommodation in 2018 than in 2017.

According to the latest Hotel Price Index from, Queenstown was the top destination in terms of price, averaging at $293 on the index, a 3 percent increase.

Of all the areas, Dunedin and Te Anau had the highest growth percentage in prices paid per night, rising 9 percent.

Auckland was the only region in the top 10 most popular destinations to decline, dropping 3 percent. However, it still retained its position as the number one destination for international tourists.

Among domestic travellers, Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch were still the top spots on, with no change to the top 10 most popular destinations since 2017.

Queenstown was the most expensive location for local holiday-goers ($233), followed by Auckland ($177).

In terms of outgoing travellers, New Zealand has slipped from its place as Australia’s number one source of international travellers with China taking the top spot. Regardless, Australian cities were still very popular with New Zealanders. Sydney was Australia’s most popular destination among kiwis, followed by Melbourne and the Gold Coast. Honolulu and Bali were the other two destinations in New Zealand’s top five travelling destinations.

New York had the highest average prices paid for accommodation by New Zealanders, averaging $387 per night, a 10 percent increase from 2018.