The MY CLOUD Transit Hotel in Frankfurt Airport opened almost 3 years ago. The goal is to offer international travellers with long waiting and transfer times a place to relax and unwind in the middle of the airport. The concept has proved to be successful and in 2019, the hotel was able to increase the booking volume once again. This time by more than 20% compared to the previous year.

Frankfurt Airport is one of the largest hubs in the world with thousands of passengers arriving daily. Most of the passengers are transiting via Frankfurt and long waiting times cannot always be avoided. This is where the MY CLOUD Transit Hotel comes into play, as it is designed for travellers who want to bridge their waiting time at the airport as comfortably as possible in a hotel room with television, WiFi, shower and toilet - away from the hectic airport bustle.

The rooms can be booked flexibly from 3 hours, depending on the length of stay. The innovative concept of the hotel is well received by travellers: Last year around 21,500 hotel guests from all over the world stayed at the hotel. On peak days, the rooms were occupied several times a day and were fully booked around the clock.

Most of the guests come from the USA but travellers from South Africa, Russia and China are also among the guests who most frequently use a room at MY CLOUD. Guests not only include business travellers and frequent flyers, but also vacationers, families and backpackers. A recurring customer base has already formed.

The MY CLOUD Transit Hotel is located on the airside of the airport and guests need a valid ticket to a non-Schengen country in order to gain access to the premises. The advantage: international guests who transit via Frankfurt airport do not have to leave the transit area when they check-in at the hotel. This means that guests without a visa may also book one of the 59 rooms at MY CLOUD.