ServeMe Room Service Offers Solution for Isolation Hotels

app for room service

ServeMe Room Service was released at the right time given the COVID-19 pandemic.  Not only is it an up-to-date and effective solution under normal conditions it is a solid solution for receiving the massively increased demand around the management of meal orders for isolation hotels. It is a standalone software that puts ordering at the fingertips of guests and for hotels, it easily manages orders, it’s a quick method for updating menus and the changes are instantly available to guests.

For isolation hotels, the App provides an efficient method for receiving daily orders. It greatly reduces or even completely removes the use of daily paper menus. To manage menu updates and changes the software is simple to use, which means that it is easy to offer meal options and manage daily specials.

And for hotels that are not operating as isolation hotels, the App offers a cost-effective solution for implementing room service for food and beverage orders or can work concurrently to existing systems to provide flexibility when reduced infection contact points are required.

ServeMe is not just for hotels, it was developed for hospitality as a whole and has versions to suit restaurants, bars and cafes as well.  The App opens a line of communication between diners and staff when there is no line of sight or staff are busy attending other customers.  ServeMe’s Preview + Service version enables customers to simply open the ServeMe app to view the menu and press a button when they’re ready to order. This helps staff maximise their level of service by minimising check-in time and capturing lost orders. It doesn’t replace anybody, this method helps staff spend more time clearing tables, running food, engaging with customers, and less time chasing orders.

The hard part of the business is always getting the customer into your venue, but once the customer is in the restaurant and seated, either inside or out, its vital that service is swift, the order is taken promptly and the customer is not having to try to gain the attention of wait staff.  ServeMe takes care of that, sometimes extending what the customer was going to order. Everyone has had the experience where the wait staff are quick to take the drinks and main meal order, but once the main meal is eaten have not come back promptly enough to offer dessert and/or coffee. It's these additional sales where additional revenue can be made.