Sabre Prioritises Employee Wellbeing with New Initiatives

A leading software and technology company driving the global travel industry - Sabre Corporation - has established a transformed employee wellbeing experience, seeking to foster a supportive environment where its people can flourish, learn, succeed and give back. 

Sabre’s latest investment in its team members to be their best, both personally and professionally, follows the recent announcement of its ambition to become the premier global technology platform in the travel industry.

“Sabre has a bold vision – and we need the best people to make this happen,” said Shawn Williams, Chief People Officer, Sabre. “We employ some of the world’s top talent and focus on creating an environment in which they can reach their full potential, helping us reshape the global travel industry from the inside out. Investing in our people – both present and future – is a huge priority for us, and we aim to cultivate a culture that is rewarding, supporting and transparent.”  

Work From Anywhere

The technology company’s global Work From Anywhere (WFA) program has operated seamlessly for over 18 months. The program improves productivity, motivation and job satisfaction by supporting work/life balance and accommodating individual needs and circumstances.

“We recognise that there’s no one-size-fits-all way of working, and offering our team members a setup that works best for them, their role and their team will help them do their best work, feel valued and stay focused,” said Shawn Williams. “And, while the human interaction of working in an office is important, we’ve all seen the power of technology this year in helping us stay connected and keep business moving from afar.”  

Employee Wellbeing

To become a better workplace, Sabre continually reviews its total rewards package in parallel with what its employees need and want. For example, three years ago, after learning how important parental leave is to its team members, Sabre began offering a global minimum of 12 weeks of paid leave for new parents, adoption and birth. 

Sabre has also invested in new resources to support employee wellbeing. The Sabre Wellbeing Advisor Network (SWAN), a committee of team members worldwide, facilitates discourse around wellbeing, captures best practices, and improves tools and programs to enhance the team member experience.

One of the first initiatives the council introduced was a partnership with Headspace, a global leader in mindfulness and wellbeing, to provide free, premium access to their award-winning app and online content offerings.  

“Through the Headspace partnership, we hope to encourage team members to take time out for themselves every day and enjoy the benefits of increased productivity and improved stress resilience and creativity that comes from consistent meditation and mindfulness exercises,” said Williams. 

In addition, Sabre also presents complimentary access to additional mental wellbeing resources for team members and their families. This comprises access to Sanvello, an app offering clinical techniques to manage the symptoms of depression, anxiety, and stress; Talkspace, registered therapists available 24/7 via talk, text and video; BurnAlong, a platform offering on-demand physical, mental, and financial wellness classes and the Global Employee Assistance Program, featuring five free counselling sessions per person, per topic, per year. 


With a long history of philanthropy and giving back to the communities, Sabre has donated over $20 million in the past two decades and recorded over 300,000 volunteer hours as part of its global corporate social responsibility program, Give Together. This includes a one million donation by the company and $35,000 raised by team members for Ukrainian refugee relief efforts. 

Recognising the importance of volunteering, Sabre’s Give Together program also grants its employees four days of paid time off annually to volunteer for any purpose they choose to help drive positive social and environmental change.

In addition, Sabre has partnered with Benevity - the global leader in workplace giving, volunteering and grantmaking programs - to help employees find the volunteer opportunities that mean the most to them. Through this partnership, Sabre also highlights STEM opportunities to help create critical thinkers and nurture the next generation of innovators.  

Career Development

Sabre’s aim to be a great place to work and an employer of choice has always been a priority. Over the past several years, the company has increased its focus on team member experience, leading to a series of initiatives – from technology events to people policies/practices that put its employees at the heart of everything it does. 

Sabre seeks to provide its team members with the tools and resources to drive their career development. Recently, the company has debuted a global mentoring program to help develop technical and leadership skills. This is one of several initiatives that Sabre has launched to help its people grow, develop, and align their personal goals with business goals. Other programs include a leader speaker series, skill-building series and peer coaching series.  

These slew of initiatives that Sabre has introduced have resulted in the Sabre Bengaluru Global Capability Centre in India being certified by the Great Place to Work Institute as an organisation that builds a High-Trust, High-Performance Culture. This accolade is a testament to team members’ passion and commitment to the workplace.  

Inclusion and Diversity

Underpinning all of Sabre’s wellbeing initiatives is its commitment to inclusion and diversity within the workplace, ensuring its team members feel like they belong. As an international employer with offices across 70 countries, Sabre has launched an Inclusion and Diversity (I&D) Council comprised of representatives across all business areas and multiple demographics to ensure all employees have an equal opportunity to flourish. 

This effort’s heart is Sabre’s Inclusion Groups, which inspire awareness, understanding and appreciation for various causes. Current groups include Pride, Black Generations of Leadership and Development (BGOLD), Women’s Career Network, Women in Technology (WiT) and Ascenders.

These groups also run events and speaker sessions. For example, for International Women’s Day, a discussion was organised by WiT with Sabre Board members Phyllis Newhouse, CEO of Xtreme Solutions; Wendi Sturgis, CEO of Cleverbridge; and Roshni Joshi, Director of Customer Engineering for Google Cloud. 

Currently, two new groups are being formed focusing on Veterans and people with disabilities, with more to come.

“With the pandemic creating an imbalance in work and life priorities, strengthening our team members’ purpose and pride in contributions they make for our community, customers and organisation helps create a sense of belonging,” said Jaya Kumar K, VP & Managing Director, Sabre Global Capability Center, Bengaluru, India. “From inclusive conversation guides to fostering communities of practices such as Women in Technology, we enrich each other through the diversity of thought, perspective, and experience.”