With travellers becoming increasingly aware of their environmental footprint and hotels looking to demonstrate their commitment to a sustainable future, guest toiletries are a perfect way to display an environmental message. At the same time, Astro Hospitality are seeing an unprecedented number of lifestyle hotel brands open across the Asia-Pacific region, all of which demanding a more engaging, on-trend style of guest amenities.

In both cases Astro Hospitality is able to offer a comprehensive selection of toiletries solutions offering globally recognised brands such as Elemis, The White Company, Orla Keily as well as desirable international lifestyle and designer brands such as Rituals, Paul Mitchell and Body Zone. All of which offer exceptional marketing potential to the hotel operator.

Being one of New Zealand’s leading amenity suppliers, Astro is able to offer a 360 degree toiletries solution to operators of all sizes and rating at competitive prices. Regardless of budget, the company is able to offer products with strong sustainability credentials as well as desirable international lifestyle and designer brands, all of which come with a guaranteed ‘wow factor’.
Astro Hospitality are currently seeing a strong tendency away from ‘generic’ products and a surge towards lifestyle and designer brands. “Our clients tell us that investing in quality guest toiletries are a perfect way of creating a premium guest experience, which correlates directly with positive Trip Advisor rankings and higher return rates.

As the New Zealand hotel market steams ahead at an unprecedented pace, the region is now also embracing the cost efficiency and environmental benefits of a modern, factory-sealed Amenities Dispensing Solution. Already one of the strongest growth categories in Astro’s range of products, the proven ‘Press + Wash Concept’ is turning heads and leading the trend.

In order for hotels to gain a commercial and marketable benefit from guest amenities, it is vital to see guest amenities as a service to your guest and a point of difference to competing hotels in your area, not merely as an expense to the business. Invest in your guests’ experience.

Guest toiletries get ‘up close and personal’ with guests and are a perfect ambassador for the hotels image as long as they are of premium quality and offer value beyond the more necessity of keeping your guests clean.