YHA opening new hostel at Lake Tekapo

YHA Lake Tekapo is opening a new hostel at Lake Tekapo on April 17.

The 128-bed property cost $9 million to develop, with 42 multi-share and private twin or double rooms, as well as ten queen ensuites with views overlooking the waters looking towards the Southern Alps.

“The village has been struggling to meet the demand for people to stay in recent years, which means many visitors simply stop off for a coffee and a photo of the church and then carry on, taking their money with them,” said Mark Wells, chief executive, YHA New Zealand.

YHA Lake Tekapo expects to change that, bringing in over 35,000 guests per year.

Based on that number, and using Tourism New Zealand’s estimate that the average visitor spends $175 each day they travel, YHA believes the hostel will bring in $6.5 million to the community each year.

The property has also provided five jobs for locals at the hotel and its on-site burger bar.