Jucy launches pod hotels in the US

Jucy is bringing its pod hotels to the United States.

Currently, Jucy operates micro-accommodation properties in Auckland, Queenstown and Christchurch, but has now signed a deal to operate a Jucy Snooze property in San Diego with over 220 pods.

The company already expanded its campervan rental operations in the US in 2015. However, the proposed $16 million San Diego hotel will be the company’s first accommodation abroad.

Jucy’s CEO Tim Alpe said the company is working with its US partner to open more hotels in Southern California locations like Hollywood and Santa Monica.

“The Jucy Snooze concept is about meeting the growing demand for budget accommodation as well as designing socially interactive spaces for Millennial and Centennial (Generation Z) travellers who want to connect with others while they travel,” said Tim Alpe, CEO, Jucy.

“The US operators have visited our sites around New Zealand and have seen nothing else like it; they plan to expand the Jucy Snooze concept throughout the US.”

The move will complement Jucy’s vehicle rental business in the US and provide the opportunity to cross-sell accommodation to the company’s growing customer base.

The 2000sqm hotel will launch under the Stay Open brand. It is adjacent to San Diego Airport and will have 226 pods as well as six with rooms with ensuites. The hotel will feature a rooftop bar and restaurant, as well as an app which aims to help guests mingle, introduce them to local events and order and good and beverages.

The hotel will also offer a self-check-in service, allowing guests to check-in without queueing and letting them access their rooms through their smartphones.