Sanctuary Lines Print Collection Patricia Braune by Materialised

A Nelson Bay-based textile and surface designer, Patricia Braune, has debuted a new print collection inspired by the human need to create an oasis in our personal space.

The Sanctuary Lines collection was developed alongside a mosaic and natural stone tile range, giving interior designers the option to choose visually cohesive pairings across soft and hard mediums.

“Nature is always my starting point, and for this collection, I explored the curves and shadows of contours in the sand, the dimensionality of woven grasses, and the pliability of clay. All these textural elements play a role in bringing us back to earth, back to nature, and back to ourselves,” said Braune. “Delving into the elemental architectural influences of arcs, curves, textures, hemispheres, and polarity resulted in 11 new designs. They encompass and transcend design influences and eras, yielding a calm sophistication. I have kept the colourways simple and complementary to each other.” 

The designs can be printed on any commercial fabric, wall covering, and roller blind substrates in Sydney.

To purchase Braune's designs, visit Materialised’s website.